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Q:Is your service safe to use?


Absolutely. Our service uses genuine marketing techniques to deliver real growth to your account. We work well within the constraints of Instagram and we do everything possible to ensure that your account is both safe and secure while using MarketPage.

Q:How soon after I sign-up will I start seeing results?

Answer: Once your profile is reviewed, we immediately begin working on your account. Given the nature of our service and your growth, you can expect to start seeing results in about 12-24 hours.

Q:Are the followers I gain real?

Answer: Unlike most of our competitors, we do not sell you fake followers. We’ve developed specialized marketing techniques to help you see real, targeted growth with genuine, active followers – so yes, your followers are real.

Q:What’s the difference between the Standard and Turbo packages?

Both programs deliver real, powerful growth to your account. With the Ultimate package we double your exposure, which means you’ll be getting 2-3x more traffic, engagement, and growth than you would with the Growth package. 

The Ultimate Program also offers priority support, ensuring any questions or account changes are addressed promptly – a particularly useful feature for brands or influencers.



Q:Will I lose my followers if I stop using your service?

Answer: The followers you gain as a result of using MaketPage are real and follow you because they are genuinely interested in your content.

Q:Can I use my Instagram account while using MarketPage?

Answer:Yes – you may use your Instagram account as you normally would while using MarketPage. However, your growth specialists work hard to ensure that your account is performing the necessary actions to maximize your growth, therefore, we recommend that you keep your own engagement (liking a lot of photos) to a minimum, allowing our team to maintain a safe level of engagement for you.

Q: How can I update my campaign settings and targets?

Answer: Simply reach out to your growth specialist at: Brutehonestybusiness@gmail.com and they will be able to update or remove your current targets, add new targets, adjust your campaign settings, and answer any other questions you may have about your account, campaign, or growth.

Q:Do I have Access to a Dashboard?

Answer: Our service is completely hands-free and is fully-managed by your growth specialist – this means they are monitoring your campaign and continuously optimizing your targets to ensure that your growth is maximized. Therefore, we do not currently provide access to a dashboard. 

However, if you’d like to make any changes to your account or your targets, or if you’d like to see a snapshot of your results to see how well your campaign has been performing, our growth specialists are on standby and can help you with any of these requests. Simply send an email to: Brutehonestybusiness@gmail.com and someone will be available to help you.

Q:Can I set my Instagram account to private?

Answer: Yes – you may set your account to private. If we find that your privacy is affecting your growth, we may suggest to switch to a public profile. But this is on a case by case basis and typically private accounts do not affect your performance while using MarketPage.



Q:What types of payment methods you accept?

Answer: We accept debit cards and all major credit cards, including VISA, lMastercard, and American Express. As well as Paypal.

If you do not have a debit or credit card, you can fill-up a prepaid credit card and use your new prepaid credit card for your MarketPage subscription.

Q:How do I update my payment information?


To update your payment information, simply email:brutehonestybusiness@gmail.com and let one of our growth specialists know you’d like to update your payment information.

Please include the following information in your email so that your growth specialist can locate your account and verify your identity:

  1. The email address associated to yourMarketPage account;
  2. The Instagram username associated to your SocialUpgrade account;
  3. Your Transaction ID: this can be found in the “Welcome” email that was sent to you when you signed up with a debit or credit card. It can also be found in any subsequent monthly receipt that we email to you. Or if you’re a PayPal user, we’ll need your PayPal Transaction ID – which can be found in the PayPal-issued receipt that was emailed to you when you signed up for our services.


Q:Is it possible to add a new PayPal account or change the PayPal account that’s linked to my MarketPage account?

Answer: Yes! 

proudly accept debit cards and all major credit cards. To learn more about our acceptable payment methods or how to update your payment information, please refer to the FAQ’s below titled, “How do I update my payment method?” and “What types of payment methods do you accept?”

If you have any questions, please reach out to any of our growth specialists at brutehonestybusiness@gmail.com and we will be happy to provide you with detailed instructions on how to update your payment as well as answer any other questions you may have.

Q: What is your refund policy?

Answer: If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service within 30 days of signing up, contact us for a full refund – no questions asked.

Q: How can I upgrade my account?

nAmswer: You can upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime. Simply send an email to: Brutehonestybusiness@gmail.com and one of our growth specialists will be happy to help.

Q: Can I pause my subscription?

Answer: Yes – you may pause your subscription at any time. Simply send an email to: Brutehonestybusiness@gmail.com and ask your growth specialist to pause your campaign for you. This is a great option if you’d like to keep your targets and account information ready for when you’d like to restart your campaign in the future.

Q: How can I cancel my subscription?

Answer: If you want to cancel your subscription, simply send an email to: Brutehonestybusiness@gmail.com with your request. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours. 

As a reminder, your service will continue until the end of your billing cycle. For example, if your billing cycle ends on the 31st, but you sent a cancellation request on the 15th, even though your subscription will be terminated on the 15th, you will continue to see growth until the 30th. If you’d like to stop the service immediately, please ask your growth specialist to do so. 

If you are billed after you sent your cancellation request email, it’s possible that support has not yet processed your cancellation request. Therefore, we will process a refund on any additional billing after you sent your cancellation request.